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****Aunt's Home Dresses Studio******High Quality & Good Service***My aunt is an honest lady who is deeply engrossed in making dresses.Hope we can meet honest an..
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****Aunt's Home Dresses Studio******High Quality & Good Service***

My aunt is an honest lady who is deeply engrossed in making dresses.Hope we can meet honest and kind customers on Luulla and make the dream dresses for you.We met some customers who wore the dress and ask the return and ask us give high return cost more than the price we sold for the shipping cost.And give us negative feedback when we rejected.We are a prom dress and wedding dress home factory in Suzhou China,we have been making dresses more than 10 years.Now,we open a store on Luulla and sell our dresses to the customers all over the world directly without other middleman with low price.My aunt has been as a tailor for almost 25 years.She Opened our home dress studio after many experience in famous wedding dress factory YUMI KATSURA.She is so experienced at dresses making.I am sure she will make the beautiful dresses with a high quality for you.Just give us a chance if you are looking for a dress.And we will sure we will not let you down.Please contact us if you have question on dress,tracking and anything else.I will reply all your question as soon as possible.Give us a try if you want to buy a high quality dress with reasonable price.

Tell us a bit about yourself and Melisadress ?
I am an university student at Shanghai and I often back to Suzhou every month.I will update the dresses which made by my aunt once I am back to Suzhou.I will persist in updating the pictures to our visitors.I do the customer service for melisadress.Any question please contact me,I will give the reply as soon as possible.
How did you get started in doing what you do? How long have you been creating?
A year ago,my asked me if I can open a store on luulla for her.Because she can not read English.So I tried to learn how to open a store ,how to update product and how to do customer service.It is really an interesting experience.
Where do you get your inspiration?
My aunt is an experience tailor,she know which is beautiful and trendy,she tells which will be updated on our store and which she can make it well.Then I will publish the products on our store.I think you can also send us the pictures of the dress which you want,you can also draw the image,I think my aunt will make it pretty.Here is our
What was your first creation? Do you have a favourite?
I can remember clearly the fist product I create on luulla is a prom dress,I tried many times and it was success at the end.So happy.I do have a favourite for there are some beautiful styles.Everyone have the different fashion taste.
What have you created recently?
We will update more dresses we have made,please feel free to contact us on if you have any idea about your dress.My aunt will custom it for you.Here are the luxury silver dress my aunt made,but the fabric is hard to find.It is very expensive,that the fabric supplier just make it with our order.You can contact me if we have the fabric before you buy the dress.For the Cinderella blue ball gown it is very popular for 16 birthday party.My aunt makes many for Chinese girlls.
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