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Bad because I still haven’t received my money back on some I never got
Reviewed by Griselina Pena on July 19, 2018
New Arrival Navy Mermaid Prom Dresses,Sexy Prom Dresses,Backless Prom Dresses,Prom Dresses 2016
I have sent an email trying to figure out the procedure for returning a item that doesn't fit and no one will respond to me with the process. If this is how they work their customer service I don't see how they can stay in busy long.
Reviewed by Paula Praska on February 6, 2018
New Arrival Prom Dress,Backless Prom Dresses,Long Evening Dress,Elegant Prom Dresses,Floor Length Evening Formal Dress
the dress was not as expected. very unsatisfied. i will make sure to tell everyone not to buy from this website. scam. the dress arrived in bad quality.
Reviewed by Arpa Andriasian on January 18, 2018
New Arrival Luxury Crystal and Beading Prom Dress,Mermaid Long Prom Dress,Evening Dress,Mermaid Evening Gown
this dress isn’t at all what i ordered
Reviewed by quinlyn_roatch on January 4, 2018
High Slit Yellow Prom Dress,Strapless Backless Prom Dress,Sexy Evening Party Gowns
The quality of the dress was very well made and fit me perfectly due to my custom measurements. However, as others have noted, the seller was very difficult to get a response from as well as the people who run the website that never responded to my inquiry. I ordered a custom color off the swatches and referred to it as green in my comments to the seller because that's what it appeared to be on my screen. Imagine my surprise when a yellow dress arrived on my doorstep when the dress I needed for the wedding was green. The seller should have caught this and informed me that that was not the color I chose. I tried to contact them to see if I had any options after it arrived, but they didn't bother even responding, probably because they already had my money and didn't care at that point.
Reviewed by shannon.noble on December 13, 2017
V Neck Prom Dress,Long Chiffon Prom Dress,White Prom Dress,Prom Dresses 2016
Received the dress that came in a small envelope/ bag. The dress was not at all like the picture and is very poorly made. It was wrinkled and had pink stain on the back of the dress. This was supposed to be my wedding dress! Not happy!!!
Reviewed by Taylor Sandy on June 11, 2017
Lace A Line Prom Dresses White Tulle Evening Party Dress
Dress came with exact measurements instead of taylor adding an inch for room to move in dress. also proportions of dress not as pictured. waist too high, too short in length, and skin tight. My daughter has gone on a very strict diet to try to fit in this dress.
Reviewed by Ashley Weber on May 7, 2017
New Arrival Prom Dress,Backless Prom Dresses,Long Evening Dress,Elegant Prom Dresses,Floor Length Evening Formal Dress
I ordered this dress in time to make it come a week before I had my event. The seller is almost impossible to contact. Once I made contact, the seller said they would ship the dress one day, but didn't end up shipping it until it was too late. I'm working on returning the dress, but still haven't heard back about getting a refund which I've asked about multiple times. Would not recommend this seller at all. Not worth it.
Reviewed by Forsythe Rachel on May 16, 2017
Backless Prom Dresses, Blush Pink Prom Dresses,Chiffon Long Prom Dresses,Sexy Prom Gown,Open Back Party Dress,Evening Dress
Did not receive my item
Reviewed by Tina Sfeir on May 7, 2017
Charming Prom Dress,Off the Shoulder Prom Dress,Floor Length Prom Gown,Long Evening Dress,Formal Dress
Arrived over a week late and was not even the same dress as what was in the photo ... fit was not good either
Reviewed by Renae Reardon on April 19, 2017
Charming Prom Dress,Sexy Backless Evening Dress,Long Party Dresses,Mermaid Long Prom Dresses
The dress is not worth 204 dollars. It is made of cheap material and when I asked where it was being shipped from they never replied back. When I asked for a refund it took them a month to reply and they still don't even refund you all of your money. They expect you to pay for shipping it back to them but shipping is more expensive then what you payed for the dress so in the end you never really get your money back. The dress isn't true to size. I payed for a size 4 and it didn't fit but when my sister put on the dress which she is a size 2 it fit her. All in all the dress is not worth it the refund is not worth it and the company is not worth it.
Reviewed by Nazaray Orengo on May 1, 2017
Charming Prom Dress,High Quality Prom Dress,High Slit Prom Dress,White Chiffon Prom Dresses,Formal Evening Dress
Dress is too short in the front try contacting the seller and now she will not respond back. bad communication and service
Reviewed by Margaret Holtz on April 15, 2017
Charming Prom Dress,Mermaid Evening Dress,Long Prom Dresses,Formal Evening Dress
I ordered a dress. Paid $185.09, and still haven't received it 3weeks later. The contact info just generates automated response from the seller. No phone number to call, no tracking my order info. I think I got screwed out of &180.00 hard earned dollars!
Reviewed by Rosemary Lindsey on March 11, 2017
Charming Prom Dress,Mermaid Evening Dress,Long Prom Dresses,Formal Evening Dress
I got the dress yesterday. My baby rider said as picture for the clit. They sent me a completely different color! This is for my best friends wedding I need the right color but now the seller is refusing to respond to my emails! Please help!! I paid over $200 for this dress!
Reviewed by Tiffany Price on March 14, 2017
LJ37 Charming Prom Dress,V Neck Dress,Chiffon Prom Dress,Long Evening Dress,Long Prom Dress
Very disappointed with this purchase. After trying to reach out to the seller regarding the purchase I still haven't gotten a response. The dress was flawed and did not look like the picture.
Reviewed by Moss Rosemary on March 16, 2017
Elegant A Line Ball Gown Evening Dress,Cap Sleeve Appliques Evening Formal Dress,Long Prom Dress,Women Dress
Reviewed by Ora_1 on January 19, 2017
Long Black Lace Corset Mermaid Prom Dresses Formal Chiffon Applique High Split Evening Gowns
The dress we received is not the one we ordered. I already spent $35 to ship I can't afford to ship it back. I will not order from Luulla again.
Reviewed by Aiyanna Wolz on November 23, 2016
New Arrival Black Homecoming Dress,Short Homecoming Dresses,Backless Prom Dress,Sexy Prom Gown
Can't get in contact with anyone as I want to return this dress
Reviewed by Sara Brannon on September 29, 2016
LJ43 A Line Wedding Dress,White Wedding Dress,Appliques Wedding Gown,Long Wedding Dress
Extremely poor quality and customer service!
Reviewed by Chandler, Lora on November 8, 2016
Chiffon Evening Dress,A Line Evening Gowns,Beading Prom Dresses,Party Dresses,Long Prom Gown,V Neck Bridesmaid Dress
Dress came in, stitching is VERY BAD, it's black but doesn't look like the picture. Made of VERY CHEAP material. Seller won't return email.
Reviewed by Sapp, Amanda on September 17, 2016
New Arrival Black Homecoming Dress,Short Homecoming Dresses,Backless Prom Dress,Sexy Prom Gown