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Why did it take almost a whole month for the item to be shipped???
Reviewed by Kristyna Martinez on January 25, 2019
Round Toe Stiletto High Heel Lace Up Ankle Black Boots
Don’t buy anything from here this seller just takes your money and won’t send you anything I’ve been waiting for a reply from the seller and hasn’t contacted me at alll I made my order last year to be exact December 28 and I’ve been asking them to let me know when they deliver but not answer from the seller at all don’t buy anything from here.
Reviewed by Iovani Valdez on January 11, 2019
British Style Black Metallic Buckle Design Fashion Boots
No communication from the seller Sent two messages and got no response
Reviewed by Gamu Mutodza co Enda.. on July 3, 2017
The new big lapel locomotive leather coat of cultivate one's morality JM
I didn't even receive the same outfit! It was a one piece romper and not the two piece. It was fitted instead of flowy. And the print was similar but not the same! I ordered this to wear during my Vegas trip, and now I don't have time to return! Pissed
Reviewed by Hailey Evans on March 29, 2017
Second time I order and it said it had some in stock. I always get refunded...
Reviewed by Marc-Etienne de Cour.. on August 5, 2016
Sexy High-Heeled Shoes With Navy Stripes Ultra- Thin High-Heeled Shoes With Waterproof
this dress was purchased to attend a graduation dinner and i was really disappointed when i received my package btw i bought it in the pink u can clearly see the fabric was cheap and thin cause i could see my underwear no matter what color i put on i am a size small but the top part of the dress is tiny not small and the bottom area with the elastic waste was very big and mind u i am a person with hips so it was really confusing as to how the bustal area or the dress was so small and the and the waist line was so big i mean it looks nothing like whats in the pictures this is my first time shopping on luulla and i am very displeased so now i have to go look for a new dress because i will not be able to wear this one sincerely very unhappy costumer
Reviewed by ronnie22 on June 30, 2016
Sexy Backless Dress Lace Chiffon Dress
This is a scam. The dress I received looked nothing like the picture. It was poorly made and extremely cheap quality materials.
Reviewed by Andrea Cicoria on April 24, 2016
Strapless Stitching Lace Chiffon Dress
je ne suis pas contente rien ne correspond à la photo ni le tissu ni le modèle
Reviewed by bailly on April 22, 2015
Sexy Bra Stitching Dresses
I am not very happy with my experience buying from this site. I wanted my purchase for Christmas ordering with lots of time to get here for christmas. I asked for help from seller and she could not help me. I will not buy from this site again.
Reviewed by birdweemen on December 23, 2014
Hooded Cardigan Coat Thickening BBCEG